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Final Results: Marksmen Bracket Challenge 2021

Posted by Marksmen Brand Protection on Apr 6, 2021 5:33:48 PM

Bracket Challenge Final Results

It's official. Baylor University Bears are the 2021 National Champions!

We are pleased to announce the Top 5 finalists in our First Annual Marksmen Bracket Challenge:

  1. jmacattack
  2. LawMan
  3. Hook Em
  4. Shore-Sirotin
  5. Bracket Master

In addition, a big shout out goes to some of our “special” category winners:  SSchwartz2 for coming in dead last, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  for the most clever bracket name, and Lucky Leprechaun for being as close to dead center as possible.

Thank you to everyone who participated! We hope you will all join us again next year.

Check out how your bracket faired against the competition. Here is the final leaderboard in the Marksmen Bracket Challenge. 

The tournament provided many twists and turns, with big name brands falling to lower-seeded foes. Don’t put your brand protection needs at risk.

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Not to mention, we have over 23 years of brand protection experience under our jerseys. We know a few things that help our clients on and off the court – room, that is. 

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Check out our latest white paper on the sports industry and brand protection: How Marksmen Helps: Sports and IP.


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